Snap Raise Fundraiser Underway

The Booster Club fundraiser with Snap Raise has begun.  Each wrestler was assigned a log in and password so they can enter their contacts.  They have been asked to enter 20 people from their extended family and friends, but any number will work. Contacts can be reached via email address or cell phone number.  Wrestlers can access text messaging, email, Facebook or Twitter through Snap Raise to get the word out to their contacts.  It is all so quick and easy to do.

Family can join the effort through the “Spread the Word” box on the Snap Raise website.  Let’s all join in and surpass our goal.  After all, that is what Warrior Wrestlers are famous for, aren’t they?  Once the minimum goal is met, the highest earner will be awarded a $200 gift card.  The runner up will receive a card in the amount of $100.

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