District Results – Boys #3peat as District Champs

District tournament results – Boys and Girls


Varsity- 1st place

Quincy Monday
Connor Manderfeld
Kennedy Monday
Wyatt Alvis
David Reyes
Logan Shocklee
Dylanger Potter
Jose Taylor
Sean Deloach

2nd place

Alex Santana
Carter Hires
Nick Shamshoum

4th place

Marcus Jefferson
Connor Jump


95 Megan Flores- 3rd
102 Espee Astorga- District Champion
110 Jimi Griffin- 2nd
119 Lan Tran- 4th
138 Taylor Belmares- 2nd
165 Kyiva Beasley- District Champion
185 Dani Turner- 4th
215 Alyssa Lopez- 4th

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