War Party Update

War Party Picnic was fun and well attended!  A sincere and gracious thank you to the Sheridan family for providing food and for the Jiron family for providing the games, candy & gift card prizes.  Thank you to all the alumni who showed up for support.  Thank you to all the parents that came and for all the wrestlers who were in attendance.  We cannot support the team without parental involvement so we have a big shout out to those families that joined the Booster Club and to those who supported the Booster Club by purchasing spirit wear.
Winners of the Contest & Events:
Booster Club $50 amazon card giveaway:  Cole Family
Count the M & M winner:  Sorry, I accidentally threw away the slip with your name on it.  Please email me if you were the winner.
Winner of Scavenger Hunt:  Coach Plocus team
Winner of the Tug of War:  Coach Plocus team
Winner of the Mummify the Coach:  Coach Spengler team
New Booster Club Families:
Gregory family
DeWalt family
Gaunt/Gober family
Wood family
Steele family
Russell family
Matsler/Marques family
Deloach family
Fisher family
Lindsey family
Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing everyone else at the Red & Black intramural meet on Wed. November 6th.
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